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I have been helping clients buy and sell their homes and businesses for over 10 years now and have learned much in the process.  Like many of my peers at Bosley, I too came to real estate after a successful previous career.  In my case that was in Marketing and Demographics.  Also like many of my peers - I've never looked back.

You can usually find me in Little Portugal or Trinity Bellwoods - though I don't stop there.  You can also find on me on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and ... well you get the idea. 

Or if you're in the neighbourhood stop in and see me at the office and we can chat.

I work with Buyers and Sellers and provide services for both Commercial & Residential Real Estate. 

Bosley Real Estate
The Brokerage

Family owned and run for over 85 years in Toronto.  Our clients were your parents, their parents, their grand-parents and now you.

Joseph Tavares Real Estate 
Real Estate Sales Representative
Because Results Matter
416-530-1100 office

647-995-1590 direct

1108 Queen St W.  Toronto ON M6J1H9

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13+yrs of Helping Clients with Residential & Commercial Real Estate.

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